TagSieve 4.3.0

Hi and welcome to TagSieve's homepage.

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You can also email me: hark at this domain.


Here are a few changes from when it used to be TagSifter:

  • Bookmark menu via toolbar and icon works now (even after places.sqlite is updated)
  • A tooltip with the boomark URL is displayed when hovering over a bookmark in the tag menu
  • Fixes Firefox 3.6 and later regression in setting focus to textbox
  • Ctrl and Shift clicking bookmarks in the menu no longer open twice
  • Now uses Firefox's default search textbox in the sidebar but with the tab close icon (it's prettier)
  • Default action key for the sidebar icon is changed to 'A' from 'T'
  • Various fixes to clean up errors in the error console
  • Removed unnecessary startup code (more cleanups/performance improvements are in the pipeline)
  • The bookmark icon is happy now!
  • Cloud mode is set as the default tag view
  • Temporarily removed de localization (will be back in the next release)
  • Removed usage of the eval function as per Mozilla addon review guidelines

More Info

Please come back for updates, help and other information.